12 LARGE Assorted South African Cookies


Inspired by South African Zoo biscuits except without any nasties.


A gourmet twist to the South African Iced Zoo Biscuits. Perfect for kids or adults, who are kids at heart. Many South Africans grew up with Iced Zoo biscuits, and i had to find a way to bring the memories back. These delicious, vanilla flavoured biscuits, are iced with bright coloured, Royal icing. Each biscuit is an animal or the shape of Africa. These cookies are Larger than the typical Zoo biscuit, 8cm in length, and much thicker.

These luxury biscuits are just about as decadent as a biscuit can get! Enjoy with a cuppa or give as a gift for any fellow South African. it’s a little piece of Africa right here in the UK.

Please send a message on the contact page, or on my Facebook if you would like personalised cookies


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